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I need some help. I have two speakers from an iPod docking station that I want to connect to my computer for more sound but don't know how. They are two speakers from an iSymphony system. They have the red and black stereo wire input things on the back of them. My monitor has built in speakers and uses the headphone jack on the back of my PC. I also have a headphone jack on the front that I use for my headphones.....shocker! Please help me on this one. Would be awesome if I could get a reply by that solves my problem by Tuesday, thanks in advance.
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  1. Actually, it's not clear what you want to do.

    Are you trying to feed the Ipod's sound to the computer or the PC speakers -- or are you trying to feed the PC's sound to the iPod dock.

    The sockets you mention on the Ipod dock are most likely outputs -- so you can connect the dock to a home stereo system. Have a look at any literature which came with the dock.
  2. What I am saying is the actual docking station its self crapped out, all I have is the speakers that were connected to the docking station. I want to use those speakers to put out sound that normally would only come out of the built in speakers, but I want it to come out of both.
  3. We might have to change your username though ... lol.
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    The Ipod dock speakers are probably amplified (definitely if the unit has battery power or a mains adapter). If the amplifier has crapped out then it would take some knowledge of electrics (not necessarily electronics) to wire up its speakers without the amplifier section. Ditto if you want to put some external (amplified ?, you don't state) speakers in place of the existing ones if the plugs and sockets don't match.

    You would probably need to use a soldering iron to hook stuff up reliably in the sort of connection (I think) you wish to make.

    Unless you have soldering skills there's not much you can do with this project except get the help of someone who does.
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