Logitech g5 to a razor mamba?

Hey guys i was thinking i wanted to upgrade my logitech g5 mouse...i love this mouse and have had no complaints...have had it for over 2 years i beleieve. But now i have a 55 inch screen that i will sometimes use my pc for some browsing or maybe a game or 2..but mostly i will keep using my monitor...i was shopping around and came across the razor mamba...it looks like a big upgrade to the g5...any thoughts on this? Also whats the point of macros and profiles on a mouse...can anyone explain their primarly use?

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  1. also forget to mention what makes the mouse more compelling is wireless and wired...so when on my main montior for gaming i wuse wired then when using tv use wireless
  2. Hey njbrodeur87!

    Upgrading from an old Logitech G5. Coming from a retired pro, I would definitely recommend the Razer Mamba.

    The Razer Mamba has both wired and wireless, which is pretty unusual for a mouse. A little perk to it all is that my sponsor, Razer, makes the mouse! Personally, I wouldn't spend like $130 or w/e they suggest. Try to look around for one under $100.

    If you're looking for just a wired mouse, I first have to ask you a question!

    -= Grip =-

    How do you grip your mouse? Are you claw or palm grip?

    If you use the Claw Grip, go for a Razer Diamondback 3G. They run for about $40 now.

    If you use the Palm Grip, go for a Razer DeathAdder. This is considered Razer's best mouse for the money at $55.

    Anything else njbrodeur87?
  3. Hi

    I had a G5 too.

    Now I use a Mamba, love it. Had it bit less than a year with no issues.

    I don't mind paying a little extra for quality like this.

    The macros means you can program different buttons to have different functions depending on the game or program you're using at the time. The are some standard macros to choose from or you can record your own. Very impresive.

    Before you begin the program, you select it from the Mamba options then the mouse uses those macros you have recorded for that particular program.

    I haven't used it corded yet.

    Look I can't find anything I don't like about it. I bought it over the net and as soon as I took the parcel wrapping off the box, it was WOW!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL. And I bought one of their mouse thin pads, fantastic.

    To Razer congratulations and thank you!
  4. the only issue with the razer mice is that since they use a rubberized finish on the contact surfaces you can get a gritty feeling if you have a dust issue in your home. this can be solved by cleaning it, but it can be slightly irritating.

    other than that, great mice (i have the deathadder).
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