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hello,will powered speakers work when conneced directly into my hd tv usb port or blu ray player usb port?
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  1. The USB ports are inputs, not outputs. So no.
  2. thanks, so my powered speakers must connect to my tv, dvd or blu ray player with phono cables? is that correct?
  3. Given the right connection, if you connect it to "any preamp" analog audio source, it will work.

    There are so many amplified/powered speakers with different connections but we don't know what you have. If you give us more details or a picture of what you are talking about, then it would help us give you a better asnwer to your question.
  4. ok my speakers have scart leads to go into the tv and 3rca into each speaker, will my speakers give me hd sound when using my blu ray disc player (hdmi)and speakers (scart)into the tv?
  5. I don't think you'll get discrete sorround sound on the unit, let alone HD sound, your 3 RCA is probably consist of stereo and a Sub.

    As astrallite mention; "no"
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