Toshiba Ultrabook does not detect ssd on installing win 7 pro

I bought a Toshiba Ultrabook U840-10V with Win 7 Home Edition and am trying to upgrade to Win 7 Pro but laptop does not detect the hard drive where I have to select a portition to install the OS. It has a 32 GB SSD and 500 GB HDD. THe OS must install on the SSD.

Anyone with any hints to resolve this?

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  1. Is the current OS on the SSD or on the hard drive? Is the SSD being used s a cache drive for the hard drive? Usually a SSD under 40gb is used as a cache drive for the larger slower hard drive and that could be why your not seeing the SSD. If this is the case then you can do the upgrade on the larger hard drive because the SSD is being used as the cache drive and will speed up the overall performance of the computer
  2. Thanks inzone.

    I believe the current OS which is Win 7 Home Edition is on the 32GB SSD for fast performance. The Ultrabook is not even picking up the traditional 500GB HDD. Reading from a thread on netbooks, I suspect it could be the BIOS settings for the HDD that needs changing to IDE. Will get to try this and see if it works.

  3. SSD Drive and Intel Response Technology
    Each Satellite U840 is fitted with an integrated 32 GB solid state drive (SSD), a fast and robust storage solution that also helps to further improve overall performance, boot-up and shut-down times. An additional 500 GB hard disk drive (HDD) also provides ample storage space for large video files, photo libraries, music collections and more.

    By utilising Intel Response Technology, the Satellite U840 gives you near SSD-level performance from your HDD as well. With its smart caching logic, it ensures that regularly used applications and data are stored on the solid state drive, while providing you the large capacity hard drive to store your data, such as music, movies, and work files.

    This means boot-up and shut-down times are shorter, your favourite applications load quicker, writing to disc is faster, and you don't have to deal with multiple storage volumes - both the SSD and the HDD are only ever shown as one drive, making storing your files so much simpler.

    This was taken from a description of the Toshiba Ultrabook U840-10V at Amazon and it clearly states that the SSD is an intergrated part and is used as the SSD cache technology.
  4. I would not be changing the sata mode to IDE and with a SSD you want the sata mode to be in AHCI. Your operating system is on the hard drive and not the SSD, the SSD is being used as the Intel Smart Response Technology caching drive.
  5. Inzone thanks. I had thought the SSD had the OS from what a Salesman had told me. Now I know. So can I change the SATA mode for the HDD to IDE during installation and then change it back after installation. There is a thread on netbooks that suggested this and it seemed to have worked for some people.
  6. Once you load the OS you can't change the sata mode unless you do a registry edit.
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