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Classe audio

Last response: in Home Audio
October 4, 2010 9:39:55 PM

Hello, I have just come across 2 Classe audio componets in a storage auction I purchased. I'm trying to figure out how much they may be worth and the best place to sell them. They both have some cosmetic wear and scratches. One is a very heavy amplifier. Classe Twenty-five, 2 channel or mono. It says fifteen hundred watts on the back of unit. The second is a classe audio Six. The twenty-five turns on but the six doesn't have a normal power cord. It has a strange cord that says it goes to an external power supply. If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it.

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October 4, 2010 10:07:32 PM

1500 watts may be power consumption as there's a suggestion that the Classe 25 is a 250watt power amplifier, stereo, and rather a good one. The other component is probably a matching pre-amp.

The power amp has been on sale secondhand for $1100 Canadian. Scruffy one with a dead channel sold on e-bay for $54. So take your pick what yours is worth.

For more info see if there's a pdf manual for these models:
October 5, 2010 5:36:44 AM

It probably means it has a 1500VA transformer. Most of the time manufacturers are a little obtuse when it comes to power supply labels.

1500W would trip your house's circuit breaker. UL code limits power output to 80% of a 15A circuit, which would be 1440VA of draw from the wall.

A typical transformer would have a power factor of around 68-72%, which would give you 1,036.8W of maximum power draw. Assume the amp has 50% efficiency and you have 259.2W x2.

There's your 250W per channel.