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Recently my friends HP dv4335nr took a fall from a desk resulting it a fractured lcd rendering it unuseable. After weighing repair options it was decided that using it as a desktop with external monitor was most cost affective option. So far only safe mode will let monitor work. And the question has become how do I get this note book to boot up with the drivers for external monitor instead of main screens wxga? Can this be done in safe mode or in boot menu, os is xp home.
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  1. If it only works in safe mode, then your problem probably lies with the graphics driver.

    Notebooks have Fn+ key combinations (often Fn+F5) to change between using the internal LCD, using the internal LCD and an external monitor, and using the external monitor exclusively. Have you checked this path out?

    Are you using the notebook's LCD opened when connected to the external? Closing it should tell the driver to ignore the notebook's LCD and use the external primarily. Of course, this means you need to use an external keyboard and mouse.
  2. Hi, i have the same problem and it usually works as G told you but now (after a couple of years, my Laptop sudenly decided that it didn't want the external monitor any more, the Fn key is not doing anything, I can see the windows startup and all that at the monitor but once windows is running doesn't show anything... any other ideas on how to keep using the external monitor? :hello:
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