Best High-End A/V Processor/Receiver.

Hey everyone,

As a short introduction I'm currently an IT student in college and I know a good deal about electronics and computer.

But to the point my question is what is the best High End A/V Processor/Receiver.

My dad wants to upgrade from an old processor he has now.

He has been interested in a Lexicon MC12HD v5.

I've seen some pretty good reviews and I've shown him some information and we are both pleased with what we have seen.

But I want some feedback from other people who have tested either this or other equipment that they might deem better or equally satisfying.

Not going to say money isn't an object but we don't want to spend $20,000 either.

I am looking for something contemporary and is worth the money.

I want to get the most bang for my buck.

Another I wanted to add is that another huge reason for him wanting to upgrade is that he bought a new center channel and two new sub woofers and they are too much for the current processor we have. The bass fluctuates and doesn't produce good bass levels sometimes.

So anything anyone can recommend either from personal experience or from reviews w/e, please let me know.

Any and all responses welcomed and appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. when you're throwing around numbers like $20,000 what i have would be considered budget, but you did say any and all responses.

    i'm currently using a pioneer elite vsx-30 (about $550) with my klipsh speaker set and i'm happy with it. i love the fact that it has an OSD for all of your set up activites. currently running it on the klipsh quintet IV (5.0) with a 450w klipsh sub (.1). i've had the volume levels up to +10 or so (which is really really loud to me) and i havent heard any distortion. normally i run at -35 to -15.

    i know pioneer makes another model even more expensive than the one i have. i have no idea about lexicon, or most other brands . just thought i'd throw my two cents in.
  2. For receivers take a look at the Lexicon. Arcam, Anthem, Cambridge Audio and Marantz. For separates you would consider Lexicon, Arcam, Anthem, Bryston, Krell, and Marantz.
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