HP pavililion slimline s5257c power issue

Hey a friend of mine has an HP Pavililion Slimline s5257c and sometime yesterday it started having power issues. He had left the machine on all day, and came back to it powered off, tried powering it on and the front blue light lit up but the computer did not start. He opened the side panel, blew out the dust and tried powering it on again and noticed that the fans spun for about 1 second before stopping. He called me up, I went over and took a look. The back light on the PSU is lit up when it's plugged in but I can't seem to get it to start. I took a look at the power supply, took off the cover and looked at the capacitors and none of them were bulging, there was no acrid smell, but i still think that the PSU died. Are there any other possibilities? I tried unplugging and replugging in various cords going from the PSu to other parts of the computer and re-seated the RAM as well.

Thanks for any suggestions,
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  1. You can try to reset CMOS by taking out CMOS battery for about 30 seconds (with computer unplugged)
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