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This might seem a little silly, but after building my Athlon T-Bird 1.33ghz system over a year ago, I stopped following progress on new CPUs and motherboard chipsets. Well, my CPU burned out the other day, and now I'm looking to build a new system. However I'm not really sure what's currently being offered on the market. I see Athlon XPs and MPs, with a few different motherboard chipsets. I was wondering what's the best bet in terms of hardware to get for a decent machine - what's the best CPU/mobo combo and all of that. If you can refer me to any articles or whatnot, that'd be helpful to.

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  1. A other dead T-bird.

    A lot of thing have change sugest read last review with nforce 2 and Via Kt400A and intel side look for 800 FSB platform and P4 C

    [-peep-] french
  2. over on the mobo board, i asked a similar question and you can see what they are saying there ... basically, it's what JUIN above said -- some like the nforce2 and some like the KT ... and then there are the Athlon XPs (and I guess the more expensive ones are the Bartons and go up higher) -- but i'm just learning on this.

    and then you might take a look at some of the other mobo threads as they are talking about the new 875P chipset from INTEL that has the 800MHz FSB with the P4 cpus ... that's what I'm trying to go for as it will be a new killer desktop.... or i hope.

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  3. I personaly wont buy a Athlon even less now as they offer a lower price performance and Via factor.

    Intel Canterwood is far from be a stable platform many bug giltch been report plus the beautiful fact that PC 3200 have a tendency to crash often post failure or like Abit creating a generic SPD on high value to keep systemes stable or ASUS P4C800 that dont even read SPD.Or Nforce2 ultra 400 wich is the best so it only able to work with 3 dimm bad when dual channel exception to Gigabyte new mobo that they strongly suggest to use single side DIMM on boards to keep stability.

    On CPU side AMD and Intel offer good performance with stability in my standart but Intel good a good lead in the high market as AMD have low price in the low range and P4 celeron are slower that a Thunderbird

    [-peep-] french
  4. I, personnally, have always been fond of ASUS motherboards.

    Currently we have:
    QTY Model
    14 - A7M266
    30 - A7V266 - A7V333
    20 - A7V8X
    6 - A7N8X

    The A7M266 are horrible performance wise compared to the newer A7V8X, and the A7N8X systems. Also that little fan that is on the "north bridge" chip always seems to go out on systems that are on the floor.

    The A7V266 performance isn't too much different, in my experience, from teh A7M266. (Although it can work with faster CPU's.)

    The A7N8X definately seems to be the one to get now. (That is our "current standard" for any new purchases, but I don't anticipate too much buying where I am. NOTE: I have "ONLY" had experience witht eh A7V8X "DELUXE" motherboard. Anything other than the "DELUXE" version I cannot vouch for.)

    Basically, if you like VIA then I would get A7V8X.
    If you want speed or like Nvidia then get the A7N8X Deluxe!

    I am "specially" fond of SATA. I have been waiting for a while, and have been very pleased with it's performance.

    Well that's my 2 cents.

    Jim F

    OOPS, I forgot:

    I have been getting AMD 2000XP processors, but the AMD 2400XP seems to get a pretty good price/performance ratio now.

    Also if you get the A7N8X motherboard, you will need to have two slots of memory filled for the best performance.
    (If has dual channel DDR.)

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  5. The price drops have made AMD still the better price/performance winner in mid to low-end. Have you seen Canadian pricing on the XP2400+?

    This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
  6. there a a price cut on P4 when 3.2 will be release in May were are in may it just a question of couple of hour.In high end thing wont change much

    [-peep-] french
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