Replacing the motherboard on a dell inspiron 700m

I am replacing the motherboard on my Dell Inspiron 700m laptop. My problem is, there are two wires coming from the lcd display that have what look to be small gold cap type connectors on them. These are in addition to the regular connectors for the speakers and lcd display. They connect somewhere to the MB, but were disconnected when I got the laptop, so I have no idea, and cannot see, where they would connect to the MB. Can anyone out there tell me where these two wires (BTW one is black, one is white) would connect?
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  1. Those are your wireless antennas. Generally, they are routed to the center of the machine somewhere underneath the keyboard, where they fit through a hole to the underside of the motherboard. There, they plug into your wireless card. This may vary from model to model, though, so I can't be sure on your specific one.
  2. Ok, got it. I appreciate the info!
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