i bought the wrong cable (hdmi to dvi,instead of hdmi to hdmi)but if i attach a hdmi to dvi adapter will the cable support audio?
I am a going to use the cable for my ps3

thanks in advance
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  1. you lost the audio pin out on the DVI plug. The adapter is not going to create something that is not there.
  2. oh, right
    weird thing is i bought an adapter anyway and the audio worked aswell so...
    I was amazed at the result because the guy i bought it off said that it wouldn't carry audio either
  3. sound over DVI is possible if you have hardware that supports it. most people say that DVI will not carry audio because in the past you could not.
  4. i would say in the future just make sure you buy right cable as when DVI was introduced it was not intended to carry audio,, I wouldn't even know for sure if it carries as good a signal as HDMI

    I would recommend running a secondary audio connector direct to your stereo from an optical output if you have one..
  5. Thanks guys for all the help :)
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