Converting WMA 192kbps to the MP3 Equivalent, What is the Correct MP3

I have a few albums on my PC that are encoded in WMA 192 CBR and are DRM protected. I have to convert all these albums because I want a format that'll work on all pmps. I already have a program to strip the DRM, but I don't know what MP3 bitrate is the equivalent in audio quality.

*What MP3 bitrate is equal to WMA 192kbps constant?
*Should I use variable or a constant bitrate?

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  1. The most common MP3 rate is also 192kbps
  2. I would use the same bitrate.

    Just keep in mind that transcoding from one format to another will always cause a minor drop in audio quality.
  3. OK thanks guys, 192kbs it is. But should I choose variable or a constant bitrate. Also recommend me some programs. The program I have adds a 2-3 second delay to the beginning and end of some songs.
  4. Variable bitrate is generally better because it allocates more bits to portions of the song that are more complex than simpler portions which needs less bits.

    I use dbPowerAmp to convert my music to FLAC. However, I do believe you can use it to remove DRM. It is not a free program; $38 for full features, $26 for reduced features.
  5. Variable bitrate is better for the same file size, although there's no difference between VBA 192 vs CBR 192 asside from it takes less space on your hard drive.
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