Mobile Sempron vs Intel Core 2 Solo/Pentium

Hi, so im looking at laptops and is a core 2 solo or intel pentium (@ 1.3Ghz) faster than a mobile sempron 3100+ (1.8 Ghz)

obviously a core 2 Duo (1.3Ghz) is probably better at multi tasking but how does it compare to a sempron

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  1. Check out the link below: it will give you a better idea in concern to overall performance of what you are looking at. If you can afford it though, I'd just go with the c2d.
  2. Great link, gonna bookmark that.

    Looks like a C2D vs a PDC are about the same, the price is about 100 bucks difference..obv not worth it.

    On a side note, how do you guys feel about a Lenovo Ideapad U350(with the 8 cell, 10hr battery)? Its that or a, more expensive, Acer Timeline 3810.

    Both have the SU4100, 3 gigs of DDR3 and 13.3 inches of screen. The lenovo is heavier but thats ok, i'll live with it for the 8 cell. And the lenovo has 70 GB less HDD, which i dont care for. really the question is which is a better brand? Lenovo or leaning towards lenovo..
  3. Have had and sold both ( as a reseller and IT support company) , much more trouble trying to get support and especially warranty for the Lenovo in the Houston area, not sure about your neck of the woods. lenovo looks a bit better, but is a finger print magnet..
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