Need suggestions for a computer headset

Hey guys, Im getting my custom PC soon and because Im a gamer and I listen to bass-intensive music like hard-rock/metal, I'd like a nice headset.

So I'm curious about what you guys suggest.

What I'd like to see in my headset:

Needs to have good looks, shouldn't look cheap, generic or plain

Would like some nice technologies like voice isolation, surround sound etc

Would like it to be comfortable, should be able to wear it for fairly long period of time

Affordable, hoping for ~ $60 or less

Trusted brand is a must

Shouldn't be that wrinkled leather kinda cover on it


So go ahead and post your suggestions with links and prices

Post any and all you can think of or whole brands if you want, the more the better

Thanks for your time
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  1. Generally the best headset covers the entire ear, like a cup, and nothing touches the ear lobe. Avoid headsets that press foam up against the ear, it can become quite painful over long listening periods.
    There are no good headsets for under $100, so save your money and buy something better. (if you want good sound quality, your gonna pay)
    Sennheiser HD 280 pro is a good entry level headphone, for around $100.
    To me, bargain headsets are just a waste of money.
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