Damaged Sony Vaio vgn-tz17gn/b

I had recently been having trouble with my laptop and had it looked at my local computer store and they diagnosed it with having a faulty motherboard, unfortunately they are unable to find the motherboard and i havent had any luck either, does anyone know where i can get the same or one which is compatible with my particular model? any help would be highly appreciated!
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  1. I've come across numerous spare parts for even out-of-market laptops on eBay. Just search, and make sure you check out the seller's rating before spending money!
  2. Your sony still available ?
    I have same machine.
  3. Hey,

    Sorry about the delay, well i had completely forgotten about this post. Unfortunately shortly after this post I got rid of the laptop, I contacted Sony who wanted £500 for the repair which was certainly not worth it, being as it was only about 1week out of warranty it would have been a great way to retain me as a customer but it wasnt meant to be.

    Shortly afterwards I bought an Asus and haven't looked back since, great customer service and fantastic products, didn't have any of the issue's I had with Sony.

    My advice, dump the Sony and go with either Lenovo or Asus, you wont regret it.


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