Samsung xl2370 or Nec ea231wmi

Hey guys.

Got it down to two finally and I know the choice might be obvious to most, seeing as the NEC is ips panel.


Samsung xl2370:
-looks 10x more gorgeous than the NEC.
-has HDMI
-has optical audio out

Nec ea231wmi:
-no HDMI
-looks boring
-has display port!!!
-good ergonomics

Monitor would be mainly used for xbox 360 gaming (hdmi is preferred-only 1 cable) as well as movies and general computer use (im not into photo editing and the likes).

I guess I cant get over how good the sammy looks... i know shallow....
the other issue I have is with ips response time and I dont want this to be an issue.

I know the viewing angles on the nec will be far superior but will the colours/contrast/image quality be that much better. The Sammy is supposed to be the best TN panel out there right now and got a very good cnet review in comparison to other TN panels and IPS.

Also just noticed in a quick googley search, there is a Nec ea231wmi and a Nec ea231wmi-BK... Anyone know the difference.

By the way price is the same in UK...

Please help me decide guys.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. any ideas guys?
  2. BK is refers to the black model.

    I think you have already made your choice since you prefer HDMI.
  3. Well at the end of the day I could live with having two cables... just not preferred. Whats more important to me is the colour accuracy, colour uniformity, contrast, black depth, backlight bleed, response time.

    The samsung is supposed to have some crazy blacks, but would a IPS panel such as the NEC just beat it hands down?

    It seems some people say the two panels can't be compared because IPS is so much better, but usually they are mainly focusing on the superior viewing angles and not other factors of the panel.

    I just wish I could compare them side by side...
  4. Yes, IPS panel offer better color accuracy and viewing angles. Those are thier primary strengths so if you want or need color accuracy then IPS is the best choice, *VA panels are second and TN panels are dead last.

    There is no such thing as the perfect monitor. All have strength and weakness and you must decide what's more important to you. The NEC EA231WMi has low input lag of less than 10ms, but it's 14ms response time is probably a bit too high for most gamer's tastes. Meaning you are likely to see more ghosting compared to a monitor with 2ms / 5ms response times.

    Have you considered the Dell U2410?
  5. AJ_EQ said:
    I just wish I could compare them side by side...

    Their test results of the NEC seems to be *much* worse than in other reviews. Specifically the input-lag and color calibration results. Compare it to:
  6. This review uses tests and pretty conclusive. The XL2370 doesn't even have as good blacks as a PVA panel. Im sure an IPS would beat it out. The review also shows that the color saturation and accuracy isn't as good because it is only 6 bit + dithering and hiFRC

    This is the best LCD testing page ever. Professional quality tests to compare monitors.
    I have an IPS panel and it can show all the colors on the contrast test, all the blacks, viewing angle is amazing, and even beat out my other TN panels in terms of input lag. My IPS panel which claims 5ms resonse time looks the same as two other TNs which claim 2ms.

    LED backlight is not that impressive at all. I have a acer LED backlit monitor. It was only mediocre. More interested in the color production than brightness levels.
  7. Thanks for all the links guys... very interesting to read. I'm slightly worried about the lottery of getting a good model with the NEC. Don't really want to ave to return it... Also the input lag concerns me as well.

    The blacks do seem to be better on the samsung, but the contrast ratio is better on the NEC.

    Also heard that the factory settings on the NEC are terrible and I don't want to shell out more money to get it calibrated.

    What I am surprised to see is that the samsungs viewing angles aren't as bad as I anticipated (with exemptions to viewing from below..)

    ah I still don't know...
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