I5 430+4570 vs t4400+4650

hello I'm after a laptop to use round the home and at my girlfriends that will not be my main gaming rig (Q6600 oc'd to 2.94 2gig ram 8800 gtx vista) but that would let me do a little gaming + internet. my budget is £600 max which is really a little to much somthing closer to 400 would be better if i could get away with it :)

So iv'e found these two one the dell website:

studio 15, i5 430, 4 gig, ati 4570 512mb ram, win7
studio 17, pentium dual t4400, 4 gig ram, ati 4650 1gig ram, win7

both are £550...

studio 15, i3 330, 4 gig, ati 4570 512mb ram, win7

for £500

So i would like to know which you all think would be best!
I dont care so much about load times and everyday speed really its all about fps :)

Do you think i5 is worth £50 for gaming improvment?
would i be totally killing a ati 4650 by using only 1mb cache t4400
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    in terms of gaming the Studio 17 is a better choice singe HD 4650 is noticeably faster than HD 4570
  2. ok thanks i'll just have to live with the idea that it's being bottle necked somewhat by the cpu! a t6600 with 2mb cache is £70 more. somehow i doubt it's worth that much in extra perfornance... or is it!? (i7 in this set up leads to a £779 total price tag gulp!)
  3. No its not worth it since the difference ins that T6600 has 2MB cache and T4400 has 1MB and its not worth £70
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