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Hey guys, I just bought my new alienware laptop and unfortunately i am having a couple of problems.
for starters, when i tried to play To the moon, the game screen was black, although i could hear the sound, the same thing on To the moon.
When I tried playing Ib the screen was flashing like crazy, it makes me really sad because i was really happy about my new laptop.
My laptop information:
Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000
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  1. Hi :)

    Make sure its using the 675m ..NOT the HD 4000...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. You should be able to play these games -- there might have a conflict between HD Graphics 4000 and your GTX 675M.

    Have a look in the bios and look at the Graphic Card settings.
  3. hey guys, sorry, i am not so good into computer talk, can you please tell me how to change that? thanks
  4. Go into your graphics settings and make sure your machine is using the 675M as Brett said. To do that go to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound. You should see settings for your graphics card listed there is you have the drivers installed.
  5. I checked with the Directx Diagnosed tool and it tells me that i am using the Intel in device, how do i change this?
  6. Now i screwed up really bad, i desabled the intel grañhic card in an attempt to enable the nvidia one, my screen went black, oh oh, i am fresking ojt, any advice? Please, and worse yet, it restarted, and its freezed up in the screen! Oh god, what to do... :(
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    Enter the bios on the start up, then select default settings, then save it.
  8. How do i enter the bios? The only thing i can do when i start my computer is control+I, after that the next screen has some options: 1.create raid volume 2.delete raid volume 3.reset disk to non raid 4.recovery volume options 5.acceleration options
    (The options to number four were enable only recovery disc (which doesn't work because i do not have one) and enable only master disk)
  9. Power your computer while keep pressing ´delete´, it should bring you into the bios.
  10. It doesnt work, like i told you, that is the only thing i can do, then it freezes on the loading screen
  11. It worked by itself back to life, don't really know how, i activated the intel graphic card again and now everything is okey, except for my first problem, also, when i try to play games on steam, nothing happens after preparing to launch :/
    Found out how to do it, thanks for the help guys!
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  13. Talk to Steam support about that, they will be able to assist you further.
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