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i want to buy a laptop, but i dont know what brand and model is proper for me. I want to use it mainly for entertainment and some university stuff like presentations and wireless connections. What i want is a display between 15-16 inches.
Thanks in advance
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  1. At the latest count -- Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo worth looking at.

    Acer, Zoostorm, Mitac avoid.
  2. ive been thinking of sony vaio NW series. What you guys think about it?
  3. Mixed feelings about Sony.

    Used to be a great company for service but they have gained a rep as being sloppy about driver updates and support (treating computers like they are regular consumer products).

    Antagonise users who find they can't buy cheaper generic memory upgrades.

    On the other hand the products are the nearest in looks to Apple and seem substantially made -- though keyboard failure suffered by a friend who scrapped her Sony after a couple of years having owned a Tosh for nearer 7 years. High prices reflect that people will pay for the Sony name.
  4. yeah thats all true. Oh its so hard to choose a laptop ... i really like the sony look, but they are too expensive and im able to pay not more than 600 euro for a laptop and i want to have a decent one which can fulfill my needs for at least a year
  5. WOW that's terrible i've never expected that sony could have such an attitude to the customers. So finally which model you think is perfect for me, from those u've suggested to me earlier?
  6. It's too difficult to characterize computers based on brand. You can buy the best brands and still get a dud. Getting the machine that matches your budget and hardware requirements is more important. Let brand be the last deciding factor.
  7. i have the best experiences with apple (the BEST) and asus and is a little behind but they are ok. the laptops from sony, as well as the others mentione, are impressive for their price.
  8. Sony unfortunately are no where as good as they used to be.

    have a look at Samsungs..

    Very good kit. Asus are good too.
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