Latitude E6420 VS Latitude E6420 (POLL)

I just got 2 new dell computers and am trying to decide which one to keep for myself, I feel there probably very similar but some real pro's might know and be able to leave a short explanation if U have time.

#1 Dell Latitude E6420 i5 2.40GHz processor, 64 Bit, 4 GB Ram, Everything else Exactly the same...

#2 Dell Latitude E6420 i5 2.60 GHz processor, 32 Bit, 4 GB Ram, Everything else Exactly the same...

Someone mentioned which I seen as well that they do not have a 2.40 for the E6420 but I took photos if I can add them somewhere.
So if someone could tell me how or where or just try and paste on here??

Because that might be the most interesting to some of you.


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  1. Even tho its .2ghz slower I'd go with the one with the 64bit OS on installed. You can then upgrade if needed to 8 gig of ram where as the 32 you won't be able to. And besides the i5's are a lot of power. you will NOT see a difference in the .2ghz
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