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Is there a way to hide a program that is running in the system tray, or possibly change the icon of the program in the system tray? I've tried changing the icon of the exe it self, and that did not work. Any other options/programs that allow this? I've tried a few programs to hide programs in system try, but none seem to work correctly on how I want. I want the program to still be running, but I dont want the icon showing up in the tray. I know that you can hide notification area through customizing the task bar, but thats not exactly what I want, unless I can change the icon of the program. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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  1. If you go o the deasktop and right click and select view you can uncheck the show desktop icons and see if that will help you get what you want.
  2. You can change the icon of the program by right clicking on the Icon and selecting properties and then the customize tab an then down the bottom select change Icon and that will allow you to choose another picture that you want for that program.
  3. No.. I dont want to hide "desktop" icons, I want to hide the icons on the system tray by the clock. And not through windows, I want a 3rd party program that alllows you to do so
  4. I think what you may be trying to do is available by right-clicking on the "arrow" that expands out your system tray. From there you should see an option to "Customize Notification Icons". If you cannot find it there I can point you through control panel.
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