Samsung Galaxy tab 2.7.0

So I'm having problems using the tabs s planner location feature. I would assume that you can put the location in like you do with google maps and it would find some results for you and you would be able to choose from one of the results and get the address. It's not finding any address or locations and even if i put an exact address, it still cannot find any results. I don't know why but even well known places such as universities and such don't show up. It simply says, no results found for "x" with x being whatever you type in. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Have you already configured the location settings of your tab?

    Go to Settings ---> Location ---> and set up the option how you would like to be located. The different options need to be enabled first so that your tab will know where in the world you are as a reference.

    Try using the Latitude app if it recognizes your location automatically.

    Well if it does, this means the application you are trying to use functions differently.
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