1:1 pixel mapping - if monitor doesn't have it, what to do?

I understand the NEC EA231WMi does not have 1:1 pixel mapping. I take this to mean that if I run a game at 1680 x 10xx that the image will be stretched and look bad. Can a video card overcome this?

Why do I ask? I predict that some games simply will not be able to be run at the native resolution of this monitor 1920 x 1080, for performance reasons. Crysis probably won't run so well. Therefore, I would prefer a 1:1 mapping, yes with black bars, and run it at a lower resolution that would be tolerable.

Can the video card driver be made to do the mapping (I seem to recall reading this somewhere)?

For reference, my current video card is a 9800 GTX.

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  1. I ran Crysis on all max settings except AA and AF on a ASUS 8800GTS 512mb manually overclocked to the TOP specs and OC'd my Q6600 to 3.2GHz.

    Ran fine for me except in the one jungle scene where the dude gets vaporized.

    So you should be fine hovering around the 30FPS mark, I assume..
  2. I assume you mean either at 1920 by 1080 or 1920 by 1200?

    I wasn't running anywhere near that high (played on CRT) and the game slowed to a screeching halt in the winter area. I had to turn down many settings there to get it tolerable.
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