Need remote control for quad 66 cd

Having recently inherited a quad 66 cd player and a pair of ESL63s it frustrating to find that one of the ESLs is faulty and you need a remote to operate the 66.
Does anyone have a remote for sale or know if another make will operate it. Someone suggested that because the 66 is based on a philips transport that one from phillips might work?
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  1. In the past Quad had exemplary after sales service. I suspect that they will be able to supply a replacement remote and will repair the electrostatics -- at a price.

    Given that the electrostatics are among the best sounding speakers ever built it might be a good investment.

    Not so sure about the CD player -- most of mine have come from car boot sales sound good -- all based on the old Philips swing-arm laser mechanism.

    The fact that the Quad uses Philips parts does not mean it will work with remotes from other Philips based players.
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