computer freezing plz help

just put together a new first no problems... now the damn thing keeps freezing while im playing GTA3 and splinter cell. I tried installing new drivers and then I tried lowering the video acceleration. The error I got one time said that the video driver I had caused instability. Anyone got a solution? I dont think it is overheating. Thanks a lot for any help.

I have:
P4 2.68 Ghz
Radeon 9700 pro
1024 Samsung 400 Mhz RAM
MSI SiS 655-Max Board
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  1. ok what is your power supply? that could well be the problem. you say you dont think its overheating.. can you tell us the temps cos that would help as well.
  2. I have an antec tru 400 watt power supply...thank you the help
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