LG W2486L-PF

Hello everyone :=)

I just bought the above screen, its the 24 inch led screen from lg (LG W2486L-PF) 1080p .
Well no dead pixels or something, everything looks ok excpet the colours ...

I ve plugged in the monitor to my laptop (Acer 8930) . The laptop's gpu is a 9600M GT .

So lets see, the laptop is native 1080p 18.4 inch and looks waaaaaaay better, the colours at least.

My laptop's screen is uber cool , or my new monitor just sucks. Red looks like orangeish compared to laptop
Oo and generally laptop is like more smooth etc.

Ok last, I have connected them with a VGA cable. Do you think VGA cable is the problem? I mean ok, VGA cables are
bad, but are they bad like this? or even if i buy hdmi cable the colours gonna big the same s**t ?

Help me pls , i am so gonna rma this led crap ... (hopefully i am mistaken) :=(
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  1. VGA cables carry an analog signal which isn't as good and doesn't have much throughput.

    Use a HDMI or DVI cable, both are the same. These use digital signals and have much higher throughput. Should be better.

    You might also need to configure your monitor. Make sure color temperature is set at 6500K.

    Are you just talking about color being off? More red or more blue? Or are you saying color saturation is way off, as in all the colors look pale and bad? I seen some LED monitors and they have medicore color.
  2. i used now a pretty expnsive hdmi cable... well i saw difference.

    All in all, very very impressive white, even more impressive black , but yeah i think the colours are sort of pale compared to my laptops screen, and i am not sure which one screen is the best. The lg led is reeeaaaally bright , but i think its not really good in red and blue colours compared tomy laptop or my laptop got a natural redish tint? god lol...
    For example, orange colour looks very orange on laptop, but on new monitor is more yellowish, and yellow, is like veeeery yellow on new monitor, while on laptop is not that yellow , dont know to explain this =/ , maybe all this is caused due to amazing white, i mean its so white that makes you dizzy. Its not bad monitor at all.
  3. I know exactly what you mean. I got a acer LED monitor a couple months back. I returned it because of disappointing color, it was worst than the monitor it was replacing, so I had to find something better.

    I think it my be the LED backlight drowning out the already drowned out color from the TN panel.
  4. It seems to me that your laptop screen is enhancing the colours making them seem more colourful and vibrant. The LED backlit screen may seem more paler but its producing it more naturally. I have an old school AOC 19" CRT screen and an LG Flattron 17" fluorescent backlit LCD screen as my secondary. When I show a full screen of any colour on the LCD screen it always looks allot more Colourful and accentuated than it does on my CRT screen, that's because the CRT is reproducing it how its meant to be, theirs no enhancing or boosting its just true picture. So I would say your LED backlit screen doing a better job than your laptop screen.
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