Win 7 Administrator account accidently deleted... how do I recover ac?

HI i am Shantanu i my administrator account was deleted accidently plz help to recover it
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  1. ?

    How did this happen?

    Are there no other accounts?

    You cant delete the Admin Account if its the only one, and a standard user cannot delete an admin account, therefore there must still be one account that is admin on the pc.
  2. I don't know if u can delete administrator account? how u do that exactly
  3. There is no way to do that unless you were seriously messing with files under the C:\Windows directory, in which case you can expect weird things to happen. Can be fixed by repairing or reinstalling your OS.
  4. I know a way to enable/show admin account and to hide/disable it. This the first time i heard/know it can be deleted....

    Could u give a detail about it...
    and any effect it having (after it deleted)...

    btw: I hope this not asking a way to breach admin pass/security thread.... we cannot help u in that
  5. If you're on a corporate network, Group Policy may have renamed it (but not deleted it). If you boot the machine in Safe mode, it may very well "re-appear."
  6. Sounds kinda sketchy to me, I think Windows requires there to be at least one administrator account, I think what he is trying to do is recover one that he has access to, which can be used to access a computer that is not yours.
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