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Hi there.
I just bought the XP2800 & ASUS A7N8X + 2X256RAM PC3200/400. No I have several questions. When I inserted the processor the system only recognized a XP 1250mhz. I tried with update of bios but without any luck. What can I do? I also got the error: CMOS checksum error. What does that mean? When changing. When changing the external CPC Freq in Bios to 160mhz, it recoginzes the processor correct. Can this be? Any ideas? NEEED HEEEEEEELP... :-)

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  1. Set your FSB to 166MHz in BIOS, the default value is set to 100MHz so you only have 12.5x100MHz=1250MHz. The checksum error may indicate that you have a bad mobo.

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  2. TKH is right, you must select 166 as for the FSB frequency (after you put the jumper on the mobo on the 133/166 position).
    For the Checksum error, have you flashed the right bios for your mobo revision ? (1.04 or 2.0). If the PCB revision is 1.04 I suggest you the BIOS version 1002a and not the 1003 which has some errors in CPU and chipset temperature detecting. You may use the last software from ASUS to upgrade the BIOS <A HREF=" Deluxe" target="_new"> Deluxe</A>
    Try also to download again the bios (, the errors during the bios flashing are not very nice, if the error persist consider to rma your mobo.

    <font color=red>the new bios of my mobo let me to choose the P.rating number of my CPU.
    Now I have an XP 8000 + </font color=red><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by unoc on 05/13/03 06:26 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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