DVI-I (single link) to HDMI adapter with audio

I have gone through the forum and i did find a similar thread which explains this. But i have a new project in which i have to find an adapter which converts from DVD-I (single link) to female HDMI with AUDIO for a cable box. This has to be done without those expensive converter box which costs a lot. Getting the video part is easy but the hard part is getting the audio. This project needs to be done anyhow and i know that it is possible. I would really appreciate any help i could get.
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  1. this one is close but not quite. The one i am looking for has to be dvi-i single link
  2. I have a DCT 6200 cable box and i am looking for a cable which can take any of the outputs from the back and convert it to hdmi with audio without the need of a chip in between and i am willing to get it custom made. can anyone help me out here?
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