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i require a laptop with a serial port, a proper serial port. And i'm having a hard time either finding one, or procuring it here in mumbi (india) :pfff: . Could anyone recommend something.

recommended specs could be a C2D processor (an AMD turion would be preffered, if available) with around 2 GB ram, 160 to 250 Gb HD and the rest of the stuff like DVD, wifi, bluetooth. My budget would be anything less than a grand, but if the config is good then i wouldn't mind stretching it a bit

Another thing is how could i aproach these companies to not load any OS ( or only prot FreeDos) and give it to me, as i would later load Fedora or ubuntu.

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  1. Well I'm not sure if any laptops still come with a serial port (maybe you can just get a serial-USB adapter?). But I know Dell offers some of its laptops installed with Ubuntu.
  2. nope !! from my experience, usb to serial convertors dont work soo well. I've had my share of problems with these components. They seem to work in some cases (or even in some brands), but just refuse to work in some system (especially laptops).

    So usb to serial convertors are out for me, i need the real serial port. I think the only one available from dell is a latitude e5500. But i'm trying to look for other avaiable stuff before going for it.
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