Hp dv9000 powers on and off with no display

Hello, I replaced my MB due to loss of power up and video capability. Thought the reflow of the old MB fried the old MB. I have same blasted reboot cycle ongoing with no video. I have tried booting with no memory, 1 memory stick, no HD and all with same reboot cycle. Can anyone tell me if not the GPU issue (new MB), what else can cause this phantom rebooting?? I have been obsessing over this issue for days since I bought the new MB and prior to that trying to reflow the old MB. I am about ready to blow a gasket soon so any help would be appreciated. I have researched possible issues but I keep coming back to GPU and I believe it's something else. HP really out did themselves with this series of laptops. Sure glad I didn't pay for this one but nevertheless I am beyond frustrated. Please help if you can. Much regards.
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  1. Nothing much to do except try a new motherboard again, or toss the laptop and get a new one. Could be how you installed the motherboard, loose cable, bad RAM.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I took my lapper back to the gentleman that I purchased the motherboard from to have it checked out. It turns out that my processor chip had fried and needed replacing. He replaced the processor chip with a new one and I'm good to go! If anyone out there suspects that their GPU has fried and they have taken steps to reflow or replace the GPU and you still have power up issues...it could be your processor chip as it was with mine. BTW-I'm typing this reply from the very lapper I could not get to post when I first requested info on this problem...so, there's always hope!
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