Why Game on an 11.6" Screen?

My eyes might be failing, and I might be growing older as I type this, but I bet even the young 'uns will have a hard time gaming at 1366 x 768 on the new M11x. And isn't the 335M a bit over-powered for that resolution? At least it can run Crysis I guess.


In fact, why do people game on laptops in the first place? Nothing beats blasting enemies away on a a large 20-incher, all while your relatively cheap yet powerful gaming desktop is waking up neighbors with its supremely noisy cooling fans!

That is all. /rant
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  1. We may call that "small-time gaming". :p

    You may be able to game with that but the gaming experience would be limited to 11".
  2. well, its not bad if you are going to play on the go, plus its easier to haul a laptop around to a LAN

    though personally i could never give up my 24" monitor now
  3. Exactly. Once you've managed to game on a bigger monitor, you would surely feel miserable using this tiny one (11") for gaming. Unless of course, you value mobility that much.
  4. hmm...see thats what i find pitiful...i hate having to pick between portability and power! why not both...

    even though the m11x isnt as fantastic as a thin, light, macbook pro, its a great alternative to paltry netbook performance.

    its like a little console with a screen!
  5. Yeah I can't imagine ever playing a game like Crysis on something that small....
  6. Most gaming notebooks are at least 16" in size, if not much larger. Some people don't have the convenience of staying in one place, and require a notebook to game on.

    As for gaming on an 11" screen, I don't understand it either. It always makes me laugh when people post on here asking for relevant notebooks, claiming to be gamers or graphics professionals, and then they ask for a tiny 11" or 13" screen. What kind of photoshopper wants something that small?
  7. Professionals that have an external monitor.
  8. Then what's the purpose of buying a notebook when they insist on work on the go?
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