HP dv4 and dv6 laptops

Is there any problems with HP dv4-2170us and dv6-2170us laptops.

How does HP laptops serves?
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  1. You'll get varying opinions on here, but I am not a fan of HP laptops. Just had bad luck with them over the past few years, i.e. the three I had didn't even make it a year or barely over a year. You'd be best served to spend a bit more on an Asus, Dell, or a Toshiba. Again, that's just me though.
  2. My sister's dv4-1417ca's hard drive is dieing after 5 months and is being shipped to HP for warranty fix. I'd recommend Asus and Toshiba for Windows based laptop.
  3. I've had my hdx 16-1370 for sometime. Great build quality, and amazing screen. Very happy thus far.
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