New to LCD, what to buy?


I want to replace my old CRT screen for a LCD panel. I just don't know what to buy.
Everytime I do a search about a specific model there's always something that is bugging me.
I have about 300-350$CAN budget.
I play a lot of FPS and RTS.
Here's my computer spec : Core 2 Duo E8500, GTX280, 4GB DDR2.
I am scared to buy something with ghosting or lag.

I came across this model Samsung P2570. will it be good for gaming?
Is the stand on this model making it impossible to adjust the angle?(from up to down, if you understand what I'm trying to explain)

Thank you for your advice.
Sorry if I have a bad English, I'm French. thanks.
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  1. That price range would buy you any TN panel which all have amazing response times. Don't worry about ghosting since it is pretty much a thing of the past with TN panels. LCD technology is very mature and you can't really go wrong but there are things to look out for.

    Things you should consider:

    Color saturation (Average for TN panels is 70% so not many manufacturers like to show you this, only high end monitors would they show as 115%)

    60hz or 120hz (the difference is small and I don't think the price premium is worth the money but a 120hz monitor is better in every single way. Less ghosting and really really fast objects look more fluid but those are probably going so fast you can't make it out anyway)

    Matte or Glossy (LCD screens have plastic covers over them. They come in two flavors, glossy or matte. Matte finishes are pretty standard since they reduce glare. Glossy finishes on the otherhand looks better but if you are in a bright room, then they look absolutely horrible. If you are in a room with no window then go for a glossy monitor but even a hint of extra light can make it a pain.

    Input lag (Many monitors have a delay time to display a image after recieving it from the graphics card. CRTs virtually have zero input lag. All LCDs have input lag, some have almost none but some have something ridiculous like 30ms and should be avoided.

    Things that doesn't matter:

    Contrast ratio: All LCDs have 1000:1 or lower. The dynamic contrast ratio gimmick is highly inflated and doesn't apply in real world tests

    Response time: Doesn't matter, everyone deflates their numbers down to 2ms. All lies but all TN panels have similar results

    Extra inputs like HDMI (doesn't matter, DVI is the exact same thing except the wires inside the two cables look different and can't carry sound. Monitor sound is terrible anyway)

    LED backlight (doesn't matter. I got one and the results were nothing impressive. The extra $100 for the LED part was a waste)

    About the P2570, I have used similar Samsung monitors are they are great.

    Input lag is at a minimum.
    The response time is fast.
    Color is above average for a TN panel.

    Good monitor but do you want a 25"
  2. I found this Asus monitor which looks great for the price :
    Any thoughts on this one?
    About the Glossy finish I don't really care since the room I use my computer is dark.

    I have been searching for the last 2 weeks for a new monitor and it's driving me nuts! everytime I seems to find a good one, there's something that tickles me :S
  3. That monitor is good except for one thing lol

    The stand is a ring on the back so the onitor is always at a tilt. If you are always looking down on your monitor then no problem. If you want your monitor at eye level. Consider putting a book behind it to tilt it forward.

    The monitor is a TN panel so looking it at with the wrong angle can distory colors a lot.
  4. I read a lot about the stand and indeed it's my biggest fear :P but I think I can manage to put something under it or something to give it a slight angle to level it the way I want it to be.
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