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I have a Denon 3805 Receiver which has the capability of having up to 3-zones, the third of which requires an amplifier from what i understand (bear with me, i have some technical knowledge but i am novice at best in this field).

I have 3 zone, main family room theater, dining room, and outdoor patio. The family room is a 5.1 setup - no problem here. The problem is when i get to zones 2 and 3. The way that the 3805 has the zone setup, i can have my system pump out directly to my speakers using the setup for a second zone but the third zone needs an amp.

I would like to just set it up so that the zone 2 (or 3) outs from the receiver are connected to a switch/amp/whatever-you-call-it and then I can choose what zone (outdoor or dining room) gets music and at what volume.

Now, the speakers in my dining room are some small satellite speakers that are no big deal. The speakers i have outside on the patio are pretty nice outdoor JBLs.

What type of device is recommended for a situation like this? Any recommendations on brand or actual model?

I don't want to break the bank on something that should just be a simple switch. I can't seem to find the right solution because i think i am performing the wrong searches.

Thanks to all.
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  1. You simply need a power amplifier for the 3rd zone outputs on the Denon. Your outdoor speakers need more power than the dining room speakers so the low lowest power would drive these. You could use a small digital power amp such as this

    or any basic power amp, integrated amp, or another receiver if you have one.
    Your Denon would control what plays and how loud.
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