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I recently earned my A+ certification, now I am seeking some advice on my next step. I am paralyzed from my neck down from an auto accident, and interested in getting my foot in the door for a IT position, preferably one that I can do from home (since I need so much help to travel). I am willing to train on-site, but long-term I would like to work remotely. Some people suggested I get CCNA/Security, as this would facilitate getting the 'work from home' jobs I am seeking. Does this sound right to the IT pros on this site? Any help/your advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks~
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  1. With any IT support related job there is always a certain amount of physical installation of equipment required. Becoming a database engineer or a programmer might be a better career path in that respect, as the responsibility for setting up the physical equipment will be down to someone else. I have a friend who does web analytics for a living, which they seem to enjoy far too much.
  2. Excellent Richy, Thanks for the reply!

    Database engineer and web analytics sound interesting. I have been studying for Network+, then plan on taking Security+, possibly CEH?. Does this sound like a reasonable path to obtain a position in engineering or analytics (besides experience of course). How did your friend get into web analytics? (I assume he's disabled?). I checked out the Wiki for web analytics, and to me the description sounds like a fun job.

    Any input appreciated, thanks again!
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