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May 14, 2003 11:39:53 AM

Ok, so I've been looking at for about 6 months and I've come up with a computer that I think is quite good, I just want all the people here to tell me what they think about it and what I should add. I'm thinking to add a dvd writer because I've seen an article here that says that there is a +RW and -RW dvd writer combo drive.

Well, here's my computer:

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 3200+
Processor Cooler: Coolermaster Aero7
Mother board: Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Hard-Drive: Western Digital Caviar Special Edition 80GB
Memory: Corsair TWINX1024-3200LL 1 Gbyte, 400 MHz
Power Supply: Antec 480W TrueBlue Power Supply
Case: Thermaltake Xaser III V2000A
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForceFX 5900 Ultra
Monitor: Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum
Speakers: Klipsch 5.1 Digital Dream Multimedia System
Mouse: Logitech MX500
CD-RW Drive: ASUS CRW-5224A (ASUS 52X/24X/52X CD-ReWriter)

If you think that one part is better than what I have here, please post a link if possible.


The Mutato

BTW: I don't mind how much it costs as long as it's a really good thing!!!!

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May 14, 2003 12:15:04 PM

* Could get more performance,in some areas more than others, by going with the Intel 3.0C 800MHz FSB processor and a canterwood chipset motheboard. But, if you're a bit partial to AMD and building a dream system, this would be <i>The One</i>.:) 

* If A7N8X Deluxe is the chosen motherboard, make sure to get revision 2.0 as it supports 400MHz FSB Athlon XPs. It is available at <A HREF="" target="_new">ExcaliberPC</A>.
May 14, 2003 12:30:00 PM

the a7n8x deluxe has very good onboard 5.1surround so there really is no need for the creative card unless you just want it. and im pretty sure it takes less cpu usage than the creative card so u will get better performance.
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May 14, 2003 8:48:21 PM

I tried making my Dream System :D  a P4 one but I gave up because I had already started making the AMD one. Thanks for the reply's, but I want to know one thing, THG news today (may 14) said this:

Nvidia, continuing its efforts in developing the core logic chipset business, launched its nForce2 Ultra 400 and nForce2 400 chipsets to support AMD’s latest processors.

I was wondering if anyone has heard about these chipsets and I want to know if they are better than the normal nForce 2 chipsets.



I'll skin you good!!!!!
May 14, 2003 10:04:54 PM

OK, sorry for saying this again, but if you want a dream system, then Intel´s the name...
If you want AMD, I´d buy a nice 2800+ T-bred and ramp up the rest of the components. I´d refuse to buy any Barton for a dream system. Just me, of course...
I know someone already said this, but I simply <i>had</i> to write my opinion here. Sorry if it bothers someone.
May 15, 2003 8:07:14 AM

why wouldnt u buy a barton?
May 15, 2003 1:56:47 PM

Nonono, I did NOT SAY I wouldn´t buy a barton! Read again:
I´d refuse to buy any Barton for a dream system.

That´s what I said. A dream system. The top performing CPU and platform is currently Intel, undisputed (with the introduction of the 3.2Ghz, then, well...). I said I´d rather choose 2800+ non-Barton because it mostly performs better than the barton 2800+. That´s all. I did NOT say that I wouldn´t consider a 2500+ for a budget system - I certainly would.

But I have to say I wouldn´t consider the 3000+ or 3200+ at all. They are mislabeled products which don´t deliver the expected performance for their price, especially after the introduction of Springdale. They´re simply overpriced and overrated for what they have to offer - and that´s actually impossible to argue with.