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Hey guys,

I recently wanted to integrate my tv and computer monitor to save space. Basically I bought a 40' Toshiba LED 60 Hz tv and use it as a computer monitor. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse so I sit about 6 feet away from the screen. However sometimes in gaming I notice an ever-so-slight lag with the mouse compared to how it moves on the screen with I move it with my hand. Are LED tv's suitable for pc gaming? At first I bought a Seiki brand tv and had to return it because the lag on the mouse time was terrible.

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  1. Well it depends a lot on the Refresh rate on the tv. Most tvs also come with MS speed. And if this speed is very high you will see a high lag. Can you post the codename for your tv? That way we can look up the manual :D
    PS! I use a 32 " LED from Viewsonic and it has 1 ms and no mouse lag at all. I tried one beforehand with 5 ms and wow what a difference that was... mouse lagged like crap. So MS does a big difference.
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