Reboot and select proper boot device or insert Boot media in selected Boot devic


I haven't used my pc for a little while and now that I want to back my files up it shows that message.

I went into the BIOS features and changed what i thought need to be changed. I inserted a disk and pressed any key like the computer said and nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong please help

My PC is an LG and its not an option on the sub category.
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  1. What did you change, and what disk did you insert? It's not just asking for any disk, that message means it either can't find the hard-drive, the hard-drive is not in the boot order, or the files on the hard-drive are messed up. To boot from a disk it needs to be a bootable disk.

    Go back to the BIOS and make sure the hard-drive is seen and is listed in the boot order. You may want to place it as the first device.
  2. Try loading setup defaults from BIOS settings and check
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