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I have an onkyo thx home theater system (which is awesome) but i live in an apartment and can't watch the big movies at night. i would like to get a pair of headphones that will almost duplicate that 'awesomeness' of my thx home theater on the headphones. i know that's a lot to ask, but is there headphones that can possibly handle or almost handle blu ray audio? i don't have a price limit. i know there's the Sennheiser $1400 headphones, but those seem to be more for music. i want one specifically for watching films, handling blu ray audio (through my onkyo receiver). any help, suggestions, and opinions are GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. Great headphones are great headphones. Since you have an A/V receiver you can manually adjust treble and bass sliders. The Sennheiser HD800s should be excellent for movies.
  2. if i want to lower my price point, because i just realized $1400 might be too much for headphones (and also just bought the new macbook air :P) how about a range of under $500? i read somewhere that the Denons 2000/5000 are excellent for blu rays. i know there are a lot of bose haters, but how are those? and i've noticed a lot of wireless headphones have the dts and the prologic in them. so confusing! and one last come it looks like headphones only get 'upgraded' like every few years? again, any help and tips and info is great appreciated!
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