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I am going to be deploying for 6 months, and plan on purchasing a new netbook to hold me over. I recently sold my T9800 GTX280M Sager laptop, and recently purchased an Asus 1005HA-P.

What I am looking for is something somewhere in the middle. I am very interested in the Asus 1201N which has the ION platform. I am slightly apprehensive about that just because I have read ION 2 will be right aroudn the corner and will be significantly stronger. I am also considering a AMD solution, like the Neo X2 + Mobility Radeon 3200...

Any idea which will run games smoother? I know I cant max any games on this setup, but I would love to play COD MW 2, Bioshock 2, etc on smooth low settings while deployed to pass the time.

Here is a link to both prospective products:
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    Why not consider the alienware m11x? not only is it portable, it gives u over 8 hours of battery(with energy saving mode) and call of duty MW 2 at high settings at 30 fps.
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