Looking for 120hz+ crt monitor

Hi I am looking for a CRT monitor that can support 120hz on 1024x768 or higher.
I am on a budget of about less that $100 so the new lcd ones are not an option neither is the fw900.

I have been looking at the Dell P991 and P992. I hear the P991 can support 120hz but havn't heard much of the P992. When i looked at specs on Dell manuals the max supported refresh rate was not there i think. It only put the optimal rates.

I was also wondering if Graphics card affects refresh rate. I have nvidia geforce 8800gt. Thanks
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  1. try for a dell/HP P1130 or a sony CPD-G520 (they're basically the same)
    or any mitsubishi 22" monitor
  2. thanks for reply. I already got a Sony GDM-5510 before your post and it seems to be okay. I had to manually enter 120hz in the nvidia control panel though and the color is a little greenish.
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