Solution For Connecting 1 Set Of Speakers To Multiple Devices?

Hi guys, I am having a problem in finding a solution to connecting my pc, xbox 360, and turtle beach headset all at once to my speakers. I have the logitech z.2300 if that matters. Is there any cheap way to do it without dropping 100 bucks for a kvm switch or something. Are there any cheap switches out there?

Thanks guys.
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  1. You'll need A/B switch, adaptor converted cables.

    Connect this between PC and A/B selector/switch -

    connect xbox RCA Audio to selector B

    You should have the cabling of the picture below for the next one to work. - you must have the RCA that needs to connect between the TV and headset that is to be connected to A/B switch and headphone controller instead.

    Next is to connect this over the extension port of A/B output between rca out the speakers.
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