Inspiron 530S /screen saver/printer/bios/registry ???

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530s that is running Windows7 professional 32 bit self-installed not bundled a LONG LONG LONG time ago.
My screen saver will, at times; all the time, cycle back to my desktop without any "assistance" almost like clock work. And it has always done this, even B4 the OS upgrade.

Yes sleep mode is off. Power setting FULL.

This was a slight nuisance until I upgraded my printer to a HP PHOTOSMART 7525 all in one e-series from an HP PHOTOSMART C3150 series (non-network).

After I upgraded to my new printer the HP PHOTOSMART 7525 all in one e-series I noticed that my printer was now powering off and then back on (cycling/restarting), once again without any "Assistance" again ... like clock work. ABOUT THE SAME TIMING AS THE SCREENSAVER ... BUT NOT CONCURENT WITH IT.
I originally thought that I had a faulty printer and contacted first the HP forum and HP themselves ... yep with no answers from either.

Now let me say that I am on the side that I rarely power-off my Desk Top PC unless needed. But I found that while the PC WAS POWERED DOWN and the printer stayed ON during that time; for my laptops and other devices, the printer NEVER POWERED OFF THEN ON. So, by that I came to the obvious conclusion that it wasn't the printer. So it has to be something with the PC. But I do not know what ...

I have gone to the dell web site and searched for bios updates; well for any updates for that matter, but all of the updates for my "SERVICE TAG" shows only the operating system that was present upon purchase. So I just typed the 530s ... and yep ... only shows upto XP too.

I do believe that I am experiencing registry errors with this ... I'm not sure how to check this and really do not want to try those spyware infested programs.

Once again ... yes I could set up my printer to be solely a network printer and possibly yes the self-restarting problem of the printer might be solved ... but I see this as a greater problem and would like it, duh, to be resolved.

Windows 7 32bit.
McAfee Total Protection

If there is anything else needed ... let me know (help us GOD if we do).
Thanks for taking 45 minutes to read this.
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  1. Have you checked the power supply? I may be way off on this but I would check the power supply.
  2. I don't believe that is the issue.
    I have 2 internal hard drives a mess of peripherals and the fan works. I know thats not a real good way to tell ... but ...

    The PC never flutters or powers off (only issue is the screen saver and most recently the printer).
    I can't be for sure ... but I'm going to guess it's registy errors or a BIOS upgrade needed.
  3. As far as the printer goes I read on an HP support site that you can try two things regarding it cycling on and off.
    1. Check the printer power supply to make sure both the power cord and transformer have a solid connection.
    2. Reset the printer. To do this leave the printer turned on and unplug the power cord from the power outlet. Unplug the power cord from the Printer. Wait 60 seconds and plug them back in again. If the power doesn't automatically turn on to the printer, turn it on. Wait for the printer to quit the normal start up sequences.

    Is the printer still under warranty? If so, you may want to consider a replacement. Other posts on this same issue, though a different model mention something about a bad capacitor causing this problem.
  4. Thanks kenrivers ... I appreciate all the investigating you've done. But we are getting WAY OFF the subject.

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PRINTER, I believe I said that in my original post.

    When the PC is shut down the printer does not power off/on. When the printer isn't attached to the PC (networked) it doesn't power off/on.

    It's just when I physically connected/cabled the printer to the PC, and the PC was on that the printer would "cycle", it made me aware that there might be a bigger issue with my PC ie. the screensaver mode.

    As I said before ... I believe it's a BIOS/Registry issue ... and I cannot get any resolve from Dell.

    Is there a way to check for registry errors without those lame spyware infested programs.

  5. You are right, you did state that about the printer in the original post. I should have read it a bit closer before posting a response. Below are two links to threads in Tom's Hardware regarding the use of registry cleaners:
    According to those threads you should never run a registry cleaner. The general opinion is that they do more harm than good.

    Have you tried this? Start-->run--> sfc /scannow
    Link with more specifics on the sfc /scannow command:
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