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Well im in need of a new computer, ive been thinkin on building a pc, but i came across this laptop, and i was wondering if it would do me justice, since im gonna be doing alot of music and some hd video editing. heres the link to it
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    From my experience (as a computer technician) I'd recommend an asus laptop

    best grantee, (2 years instead of 1)
    best price / quality
    does not overheat as much as other brand

    you get about the same or better than with other brands

    most companies like dell/acer/lonovo/hp uses low quality parts : their are disposable laptops (good for 1 1/2 years)

    Also consider costumer support that is just bad with dell/acer/toshiba.... they like to take advantage of costumers when they don't know about computers.

    anyway good luck
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