Autorun won\'t work in windows 7 64 bit for internal drive only; it works for th

I cannot get autorun to work in Windows 7 64 bit for the internal drives. I have tried every suggestion posted, including the command "shellhwdetection", as well as configuring it in the control panel, and nothing works. The USB drive does work, though. In addition, if I insert a disc in the internal drive and then click on the drive in windows explorer, it ejects the disc, so I can't even see what's on a disc. If I didn't have the USB drive, I wouldn't be able to use a CD at all (for any reason).
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  1. There are afew things to try and first you can refresh the bios file by reloading it or updating it. Second you can uninstall the dvd drive and then reinstall it
  2. I've actually tried all of those already. Nothing worked. I just now took the drastic approach. I tried installing the OS again on a new drive, and the dvd drive did not work even then. All I got was the Intel Boot agent making line after line of dots across the screen. When I plugged in the USB drive, then it detected the disc. That's pretty definitive-I've been blaming Windows, and its' the motherboard that's the problem. I updated the bios, but the problem persists. The bios detects the drive during boot, but the drive will not run.
  3. You may have a defective bios chip and in the old days you could send for a new one and pop out the chip and put the new one in but now it's a RMA and the board is sent out. I recently had to do just that and the good thing is that it was fixed and it works fine. But the problem is that you can;t tell if the bios chip is bad or if it's something else that's the proioblem.
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