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I'm about to buy a new LCD monitor for my father. He's 60 years old and his eyes aren't quite as sharp as they used to be. He currently uses a 17" samsung CRT monitor at 1024x768 with the font size set to large (not extra large) in the WinXP appearance settings. He finds this comfortable - the text is large enough for him to read.

I want to buy him a larger LCD monitor now. What Screen size / resolution should I go for so that he'll find it just as comfortable, but will have more screen space?

My budget is around $200, definitely not more that $250.

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  1. The following Asus is probably your best bet:

    It has height adjustment and swivel so it should allow your father to adjust to a comfortable viewing position. I have a similar monitor the Asus VK246H and it is good for average daily usage. If native resolution of 1920 x 1080 is too high, then you can always use 1600 x 900 so that things will appear larger with a small hit to sharpness.
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