Mark Levison High-End Audio?

I am trying to replace my Lexus ES350 2009 Audio system with aftermarket or OEM system. Pardon my ignorance here, look for your suggestion and expert advice.

It is an DVD-Nav system today with the regular audio system. What are my options? What about costs? and Places to get it done?

Thanks to all your pros out there.

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    Just about anything can be installed in any car, but there is major dis-assembly of the dash, adapting the proprietary wiring harness, and should only be done by by a very experienced custom installer which will charge you a lot of money.
    Checking BBB for car audio install in your city, find the one with the least amount of complaints.
    A factory DVD nav might be had from Lexus, but it will cost a lot, you should check if the dealer can order one to fit the car.
    You can check at Crutchfield to see if there is an after market one that is already made to plug into that car, or an adapter made for the wiring harness.
  2. Great suggestions. Thanks.
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