Good pc 5.1 system?

Hi, Is the Logitech X-530 a good 5.1 system, because heaps of stores seem to be selling it!
I am a little fussy about sound quality, but want to stick around the $200 range.
Is this a good system? i have a smallish study room but want to use this for gaming especially :)
Any alternatives? Are Altec Lansing speakers any better?
Thanks, Craig

any ideas would be really appreciated!
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  1. anyone?
  2. Update: I now want either the Logitech X540 or the Logitech G51.
    (i also looked at the creative inspire 6160, but it got 'mediocre' reviews, and the logitech x540 was recommended over it!)

    Any ideas? I know that the G51 is about twice the price, but it looks awesome, and probably sounds better. Anyone actually HAVE the G51? are they good?
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