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Monitor Problems (won't work with HDMI)

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 13, 2010 1:44:27 AM

I just purchased an Acer X233H lcd monitor.

I am trying to get it to work on a duel monitor setup with an old LG monitor I have, but I can't even get the acer to work with HDMI.

Here's some background: I have two cables. One is an HDMI (technically HDMI to DVI-D) cable, and one is a DVI-D (Single Link DVI-D to DVI-D). My video card (a GeForce 7900 GS) has support for two monitors. The Acer supports HDMI, the old LG does not. Therefore, I need to use the HDMI cable with the Acer, and the DVI-D cable with the LG. I am using Windows XP, if that is important.

The HDMI cable is fine. I was using this dual monitor setup with another monitor that also supported HDMI prior to obtaining the Acer. Exact same setup. The Acer monitor is the only thing changing in the setup. I was hoping for a simple swap out.

The problem is that the Acer monitor does not seem to recognize the HDMI connection. If I plug it in, it just says "No Signal". It does however, work the with DVI cable (which is how I'm using the computer now). Of course I now can't use the 2nd monitor at all (and even when I try it just goes into sleep mode automatically... I'll figure out that one if it still happens when I get this problem fixed).

I can access the Acer monitor's options by using the "menu" button on the actual monitor and there's an "Input Source" option that allows me to choose D-Sub, DVI-D, or HDMI, so I've tried selecting HDMI (with both cables plugged into the monitor) but it doesn't seem to take. As soon as I remove the DVI-D, the computer can no longer find the signal, and I have to plug it back in AND unplug the HDMI before it'll work again.

I went to Acer's site and downloaded and updated the monitor driver (selecting the HDMI option when given) and that hasn't seemed to have helped either.

Right now I'm not even thinking about the second monitor (we'll cross that bridge when we come to it) I just want to get the Acer to work with the HDMI cable.

Thank you.
June 14, 2010 5:04:28 AM

Same problem, although I had gotten it tot work twice, can't figure out the correct method to get it to work agian.